What is Medical Tourism?

Information technology put INDIA on the GLOBE as one of the leading countries of the world in that segment . Today it is healthcare industry of   INDIA ,  which is ready to take on the world


Why India?

INDIA  today   has   internationally  qualified  and  experienced  doctors  working in  most  modern  state  of  art  hospitals  in  private  sector  . Clinical  outcomes  in  select  hospitals  of   INDIA  are  at  par  with  the  best  in  the  world


Treatment Available Cost

With world class medical establishments and the highest clinical standards, our hospitals offer quality you never thought you’d experience in healthcare...



Holiday package

Know what you want or trying to make that all important decision? We have all the information you need about the treatments available...


Even after going through our Website page and other. you still have some question in your mind. We have tried to give you few common question, asked by some of our clients however if you have still any question n answered, You can contact us.


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About Us

Alpcord Meditours is a division of  ALPCORD NETWORKS, a travel  house based in DELHI, with associate  offices in all imp towns of INDIA
In travel trade recognized  member of  Department of  Tourism Govt of  India..

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Zydus Cadila – a Reputable Pharmaceutical Company from India

Zydus Cadila takes pride in providing nothing less than best in global healthcare. Focusing primarily on pharmaceutical products, it offers an eclectic selection of formulations, healthcare, and even wellness products for animals.

An Overview of Fortune Health Care

Fortune Health Care is the manufacturer of some very common medicine brands that are available globally.

Dadha Pharma Ltd

Not so long ago, Viagra ruled the market of ED drugs, unchallenged by other erectile dysfunction treatments.

An Introduction to Ajanta Pharma

Have you heard of Kamagra? Even if you haven’t, it might still sound familiar because of its name consonant with the name of hugely popular Viagra.

Kamagra — Sildenafil Citrate by Ajanta Pharma

There are numerous pharmaceutical products that are manufactured and packaged by Ajanta Pharma, including the drug Kamagra for erectile dysfunction.

Generic Cialis from India by Dadha Pharma

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition that all men are afraid of. It basically makes a man unable to engage in sexual activities because it prevents him from achieving an erection, or even if he does achieve it, it does not last long enough to complete sexual intercourse.